Love and Grace Ministries- Haiti has been fundraising with Benefit since 2014 to raise funds for the daily living expenses of orphaned boys in Haiti. Love and Grace Ministries has a home for the orphaned boys where they are cared for and safe. Along with receiving basic needs like food and shelter, the boys receive an education and are taught traditional Christian values.

Love and Grace Ministries built the home in 2010, prior to a devastating earthquake. Following the earthquake they were able to expand and grow from providing for five boys, to now providing for twenty-one boys. Love and Grace Ministries created the home “to provide for the children of Haiti a home where they will be cared for with the utmost kindness, love, and respect.” Their primary goal is “to reach the boys from this nation for Jesus Christ and create a brighter tomorrow for Haiti by raising up the next generation of Haitian leaders today. We want to provide a loving home for these boys so they will know our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Love and Grace Ministries have branched out into the rest of the community by supporting the local ministries and entrepreneurs. These local projects include Fondation Bon Samaritain en Action, SchneidArt, and jewelry made by Yvenise Seraphin. Fondation Bon Samaritain en Action is a medical clinic and nursing school that believes that the solution for Haiti depends on the Haitians which was the reason they opened a nurses school. SchneidArt is handcrafted bracelets made by Schneider Dorcela for missionaries and visitors to Haiti. Yvenise Seraphin is a young woman in Haiti, who has been making jewelry out of recycled materials such as cardboard and cloth.

Love and Grace Ministries has done incredible work in Haiti and we are glad to have them as one of our beneficiaries. If you are interested in learning more about their great work check out their website here. If you are interested in donating to them through Benefit simply select Love and Grace Ministries-Haiti as your cause within your Benefit account. If you would like to set up a Benefit account click here. If you would like to sign up your cause and start fundraising through Benefit, click here. To learn more about Benefit check out our website here.

Kerissa Bradley

Written by Kerissa Bradley

Kerissa is the Marketing Coordinator and Customer Support Representative at Benefit Mobile. She recently graduated from Grand Valley State University where she studied Theatre and Communications. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her friends, directing plays, acting, traveling, and reading.

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